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Uvalde Honey is currently available for shipping
in 16 oz. and 32 oz. jars.

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about uvalde honey

Our Unique Guajillo (aka…Huajilla) Raw Honey

Uvalde Honey was first collected and sold in the 1870’s when new settlers to the Southwest Texas area discovered caves and hollow trees full of bees and honey. 

They soon discovered the taste to be incredibly delicious and unique. The difference in taste comes from the Guajillo plant that is native to Southwestern Texas and Northern Mexico. The plant blooms in early spring and that is when the bees seek the blonde blossoms that create the unique flavor and color of our honey. 

During the 1900 Worlds Fair held in Paris France, Uvalde Honey took First Place and secured its place in History.

Guajillo Plant

Uvalde Honey is always light golden, and is never mixed with any other honey. Keeping it pure, maintains the sweet flavor known around the world.

There are many benefits of pure honey besides the awesome natural sweet tastes.

Discover other well known uses by searching our website and the internet regularly.

Is pure honey good for you? You bet it is, unless you’re under a year old. Please do not feed pure honey to children under one, as their immune system is still developing.

Remember, pure honey benefits you in more ways than you think. It’s good for your body, both inside and outside. Use Uvalde Honey for your skin, hair, minor cuts and scrapes and countless other uses. Use it for coughs, building resistance to allergies, and helping to regulate your blood sugar levels.

Great recipes

For great, easy to make favorites, check out and be sure to use Uvalde-Honey for the best meals around. We’ve picked out some great ones!

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